Executive Practices Study

Creating and managing executive compensation plans is no easy task, especially in the volatile and highly-competitive sectors where our clients operate. Your programs must be compelling for leaders, well-aligned with dynamic business goals, and closely linked to investor and shareholder value creation which is why we provide Radford Global Compensation Database participants with access to this incredibly important annual study.

Study Scope

By making our entire suite of market practice studies automatically available to Radford Global Compensation Database participants, and complimentary to everyone who provides a complete and timely submission, we’ve maximized our data collection efforts. Our most recent Executive Practices Study includes:


Executive Practices


Executive Severance Participants


Change-in-Control Participants

Covered Practices

Our Executive Practices Study covers the following key market practices:

Executive Practices
  • Executive stock ownership programs
  • Perquisites (Executive)

Executive Severance
  • Benefit plan implications
  • Cash severance calculation methods
  • Incentive plan treatment
  • Minimum/maximum severance benefits
  • Support service offerings

  • Change-in-Control policies
  • Double-trigger benefits
  • Single-trigger benefits


Our Executive Practices Study is conducted once a year with the following general schedule:

  • Data collection opens — February 2023
  • Data collection closes — July 2023
  • Results published — September 2023


Results for the Executive Practices Study are provided in a PDF format. Separate reports are created for Executive Practices, Executive Severance, and Change-in-Control.


Access to the Executive Practices Study is limited to Radford Global Compensation Database participants. All clients are automatically invited to submit data once a year via one online questionnaire posted on the Radford Network®. To check on your company's submission status, visit the input page on the Radford Network and look for the "Executive Practices" tile.


All Radford Global Compensation Database participants who provide a complete and timely submission to the Executive Practices Study will receive a complimentary copy of overall study results at the time of publication. Custom peer group analysis can be purchased separately at additional cost.

Radford Global Compensation Database participants who do not submit information to this study can purchase overall study results for a fee at the time of publication.

Participation in the Radford Global Compensation Database is required to join this study. To learn more about your survey participation options, click here.


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