Shareholder Engagement

It's time to view your shareholders as partners, not adversaries. Getting there requires a deep understanding of their interests and policies, along with open channels of communication. We work with boards to create annual outreach strategies that build trust over the long run. 

Build Your Investor Intelligence

Most public companies make an effort to maintain clear channels of communication with their investors, but in today’s business environment, that isn’t enough. You need to understand how your investors think about governance today, and anticipate where they might head next. With Investor Intel, a new web-based platform from Aon, you can do just that. Investor Intel allows you to manage your entire shareholder engagement program in one place, while also giving you access to the critical data points and policy insights you need to have truly effective conversations with your biggest stockholders. With Investor Intel, you can:

  • Track investor ownership levels;
  • Understand how proxy advisory firms influence your top investors;
  • Review individualized investor policy summaries;
  • Track your meetings with investors, including integration with your Microsoft Outlook calendar; and
  • Store and archive notes from every meeting during the engagement process.

Manage Your Outreach Strategy

Once you’ve established a strong understanding of your investor base and their respective views on corporate governance with Investor Intel, we’ll help you develop an annual outreach strategy that builds trust and mitigates risk. Our work typically includes:

  • Setting up advisory calls with key investors and proxy advisory firms to understand the lay of the land;
  • Developing talking points to ensure your company’s story is effectively communicated during investor calls and meetings;
  • Benchmarking governance policies and pay practices at competitor firms to anticipate potential flash points and safeguard against negative voting outcomes;
  • Identifying potential areas of improvement to meet evolving shareholder expectations;
  • Outreach assistance to ensure your meetings with key shareholders are as effective as possible and remain focused on business needs; and
  • Providing investor “cheat sheets” ahead of every meeting, including guidance on what to expect, who you might meet, key policies and how best to respond to unexpected questions.