Pay-for-Performance Modeling

No one wants to be publicly scolded for having a broken approach to pay-for-performance. We work with clients to mitigate Say-on-Pay risk by giving companies the tools they need to assess multiple pay for performance outcomes in advance, on both a quantitative and qualitative basis. 

Stay a Step Ahead

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of proxy advisor models, including both quantitative and qualitative screens, we offer clients the ability to assess potential pay-for-performance disconnects in real-time as they consider important compensation decisions for top business leaders. Our services include:

  • Updating clients on evolving pay-for-performance policies and methodologies, at both the proxy advisor and investor level, around the world;
  • Modeling potential comparator groups, and assessing how differences in comparator group selections between issuers and proxy advisors might influence assessment outcomes;
  • Conducting sensitivity analyses to examine how potential compensation payouts and performance results might impact various proxy advisor models;
  • Developing narratives to place peer group selections, compensation decisions, compensation practices and performance results into their appropriate business context when facing negative assessment outcomes and Say-on-Pay risk;
  • Working as an intermediary between internal teams, outside counsel, proxy advisory firms and institutional shareholders to coordinate and manage dialogue on pay-for-performance concerns; and
  • Partnering with internal and external rewards experts to assess how plan design changes could influence pay-for-performance assessments in the future across multiple performance scenarios.