Radford was founded in a Silicon Valley bungalow in 1975. We've been in love with innovation ever since.


June 1975
Radford Associates is founded in a Menlo Park bungalow by twin brothers John and Steve Radford. They start out with an idea that there must be a better, more reliable way for companies in the emerging technology industry to exchange compensation information.

July 1977
The first Radford Benchmark Survey is released. It is a manually produced report made with scissors, tape and a lot of heart; it is also the first compensation survey on the market exclusively focused on technology companies.

July 1978
Don York, Radford's current Chief Operating Officer, joins the team. One of his first charters is to build an Executive Survey to parallel Radford's Benchmark Survey. In the same month, Radford's first Benefits Survey is released.

July 1979
A year after Don's arrival, the first Radford Executive Survey is published. At its peak, prior to being integrated into Radford's current global survey platform, the Executive Survey boasted 700-plus technology sector participants.


July 1984
Radford introduces its Survey Input Manager (SIM) software to replace paper survey inputs. Viewed as a major innovation in 1984, SIM was delivered as a diskette with built-in upload, edit and validation features. Soon thereafter, Radford launched First Resource, a complete micro-based HRIS system that is still considered one of the primary predecessors of the HRIS systems in use today.

September 1985
The first Radford Biotechnology Survey is published, bringing Radford into the life sciences arena. Radford has remained exclusively focused on the technology and life sciences sectors since this date– a period of 30 years.

September 1986
Radford Associates is acquired for by Alexander & Alexander, Inc.


July 1996
The Radford Network® is launched, entering the market as the first-ever web-based delivery site for compensation survey results. Today, more than 11,000 people use the Radford Network each month to download survey results and access trends reports, training and thought leadership.

January 1997
Alexander & Alexander, Inc. is acquired by Aon Corporation. After the acquisition, Radford Associates is renamed Radford Surveys. Radford remains a part of Aon to this day.

January 1998
The Data Generator, the first-ever online tool to deliver fully customized survey results on demand, is introduced for the Radford Benchmark Survey. Soon thereafter, Data Generator tools are created for all Radford surveys.

January 1999
The first Radford United Kingdom Survey is released, representing the firm's first move into the European market. In the same month, Radford makes individual incumbent inputs mandatory for all clients.


May 2000
The first Radford Canada Survey is launched. It is the first survey to offer four reports in one product, including compensation results for benchmark, executive and sales positions, plus overall practices information.

July 2000
Radford's overall survey databases exceed one million incumbents for the first time. The Radford Benchmark Survey also shifts from cash-only to cash and equity data collection for all incumbents.

April 2002
The Radford Executive Survey shifts from an annual publication cycle to a quarterly publication cycle.

May 2002
After eight years in Cisco's HR department, culminating in a senior director role, John Radford returns to Radford. He rejoins the firm to focus on supporting strategic clients and forms Radford's Strategic Steering Committee (SSC).

June 2002
The Radford International Survey is launched, consolidating all existing country-specific products into one offering and increasing data collection to 12 countries outside of the United States. The first reports are provided to clients in 2003.

June 2005
Linda E. Amuso, Ted Buyniski and Ed Speidel, each with more than 20 years of consulting experience, join Radford's compensation consulting team. With an expanded consulting team in place, Radford Surveys is renamed Radford Surveys + Consulting.

May 2006
Radford is recognized with a Partners in Innovation Award by the HR Symposium, a Bay Area organization honoring extraordinary achievement in the human resources profession. John and Steve Radford accept the award, which salutes individuals whose efforts have advanced initiatives in the innovation and practice of people management.

January 2007
The Radford Biotechnology Survey is expanded into a global product, which covers 17 countries using a single global job coding platform. The product is renamed the Radford Global Life Sciences Survey.

March 2007
Led by Terry Adamson, Radford launches its valuation services business to support companies with newly introduced equity compensation valuation requirements under FAS123(R), now ASC Topic 718.

October 2007
Five years after launch, the Radford International survey surpassed the one million incumbents mark. Ten years after launch, the Radford Network reached eight thousand registered users.

March 2009
Radford Surveys + Consulting is renamed Radford. This change reflects the firm's expanding suite of solutions, including valuation services and analytics services.

September 2009
Radford introduces the Radford Global Technology Survey and the Radford Global Sales Survey, completing a long-term vision to provide all clients with a fully consistent global platform across all survey products. The Radford International Survey, Radford US Benchmark Survey, Radford US Executive Survey and Radford US Sales Survey are all retired.


October 2010
Radford's parent company, Aon, acquires Hewitt Associates to form Aon Hewitt. Soon thereafter, Radford joins Aon Hewitt's Performance, Rewards & Talent practice. Today, Aon Hewitt is the #1 global human resource solutions firm in the world with more than 30,000 colleagues.

August 2011
Following Aon's acquisition of Hewitt Associates, Radford completes its first data exchange with an Aon Hewitt survey. The first exchange covers China, leading to significant growth in Radford's survey results for the country.

July 2013
Radford introduces Radford Global Workforce Analytics, a new platform leveraging full-census employee submissions from Radford's largest global clients to deliver compensation spend and workforce insights to clients on both an internal and you vs. market basis. In its first year, participation jumps to more than 125 companies.

November 2014
Radford announces the requirement for all survey participants to provide full-census employee submissions in all countries where they provide data. Companies providing 95% or more of their total employee population become automatically enrolled in the Radford Global Workforce Analytics program. Collecting data for all employees, in both benchmark and non-benchmark jobs, also enhances survey results in emerging markets.

January 2015
Radford creates a formal survey input services team to support clients facing complex data submission challenges, especially in high-growth or M&A situations. The team also assists with job matching and initial compensation benchmarking projects.